Sunday, March 22, 2009

Water Jasmine "Wild" 001


Growing and responding quite well. But the potential seems very limited, whats left is probably ramifying and making develop into more sub branches to develop more padded foliage. But overall i can vision it to be quite a pleasant shohin being simple as it is.



Bought a small raw wild grown water jasmine from my workplace neighbour florist. Seems like quite a potential stock to play with so decided to bring it home and perform some operations on it. The roots were very healthy and massive, i had to prune 95% of it to fit it into the shohin pot. Now the important thing is to let it recover and grow back lotsa feeder roots to fill the pot up which i think will take a 8-12months to get back a very strong root system.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Water Jasmine Mame 003 (01/03/2009)

Source: Nursery stock

When i first bought it, the foliage was quite sparse, the wiring had bitten into the bark and yes scarred. I like it as a semi-cascade, so i decided to buy it and use it as a learning material to play with and learn from it. So far i had defoliated it once and pruned, wired and corrected some branches. As you can see the wiring are all very messy as it was done qutie some time ago, still quite inexperienced. Initially when i got it out from the original small tiny shohin pot, the root system was still quite weak, only a few main roots and the feeder roots were quite little. If you compare now, the whole container is filled with alot more roots and its thickening over the last few months. The foliage had increased and i did some branch ramifications. Im feeding it weak diluted seaweed extracts every 4-6days or so. This baby is kept under indoor conditions ever since i bought it home til today, so im quite pleased with the overall health although it would have been alot alot better and more beautiful if it was exposed to good sunny outdoor environment.

Copper / Brass Wire

Some copper/brass wires i use for my bonsai wiring. The "soft"brass at .41mm is great for loose wiring young soft shoots. The copper .51mm/.66mm wires are great for supple young branch of about 2mm-2.5mm in diamter.