Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aquarium Gravels

Woots, finally went to get a pack of aquarium gravels(1-2.5mm) to test out for creating a better bonsai soil mix myself. These are labelled as 100% natural river gravels and it says from "America" which im not very sure about that though. Its always best to sieve it to remove finer size gravels/dust which you dont want it to be there and afterwhich might give it a good wash and sun it for few days before using it for my smaller bonsai.

Here because the diameter are only approximately 1-2.5mm, so i only divide it into a rough portion of two sizes(mainly 2mm's and 1mm's). As you can see the ones on the left after sieveing are mainly 2mm's. From my sieveing experience, a pack of theses gives you estimated 80% the 2mm's and the rest 15% 1mm's and lesser and overall its quite clean, when your the whole bag out, you dont really see lotsa dust flying off niether during the sieveing process. Recommend it as a soil mixing media to greatly improve drainage as these are gravels and they are not porous and does not retain moisture nor break down easily. Dmg: $12/10kg pack