Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some personal comments and studies

Lately, i've read through Harry's site and agree with what he had mentioned regarding "Euonymous alatus Bonsai Progression Series/ Hard Pruning Nursery Stock for Bonsai ". Most people do not pruned hard enough to ramify the branch structures especially the case where it's problematic. And further for one to develop a stock be it wild or nursery into a bonsai material, it is often required to prune enough to re-develop the branches to taper and further ramify.

There are people who are gardeners, who just want healthy plants and do not want to take so called "risks", im fine with that. But if you are into bonsai and you are afraid to try, take risks, learn, and experience for yourself, you'are better off not doing anything. I'd rather you spend the time constructively outside. But i can assure that with additional bonsai developing knowledge, some plants especially when grown over the years, can be developed into very wonderful masterpieces even if your not into bonsai.

At fukubonsai, on the articles of 18 water jasmine seedlings, we can see how important pinching is. I personally vouched that water jasmine when left grown wildly and not pruned with proper knowledge are only developed as so-so stocks. It is not difficult to see over 10-20years of medium-large sized water jasmine to have very similar growing habits. They lacked the bottom branches, and few if any(often thin and weak), whereas the top portions are over developed with only one main trunk without good tapering and girth to relate to the top. I understand that with wild growing, its to achieve the fattening of the branch/trunk. Normally good healthy stocks will bud quite a few points which some are retained for further lower/main branches. You'll have to determine the height you're gonna work til, when you have achieved the desired height, i think its a good time to start pinching off the apex new growth and start to divert the energy to the lower portions. This will also cause backbudding to happen and it does happen easily in water jasmine. And from here, let the shoots formed at the lower portions to continue to grow wild to develop the thickness. When main trunk line, branches are established, its alot easier to ramify the finer branches.

As far as im concerned, im still newbie to bonsai and just a beginner for water jasmine =P