Sunday, May 3, 2009

Water Jasmine Shohin 003 (03/05/2009)

Source: (from abby), seed grown

Another untrained stock given by abby quite a few months ago when i first met her. It's still quite a young one, despite the lack of taper and trunk width, i thought there was some potential to developing it into a mame/shohin. Based on its branching and outlook, only one main lower branch and straight goes to the top with only a few branches at almost identical levels. I was limited to styles i could develop, and sadly it seems only literati and cascading(semi/full) would be possible.

But what fancied me was the nice rough thin bark it had developed along the long trunk, and the only long main low branch that made me to decide on a full cascade. The upper part was airlayered off for future use. The lower part was heavily worked on. The root system wasnt very well developed, it had abit of bad tapering root which i had to remove quite a bit and feeder roots were sparse. I had to bend some main roots to fit the pot in order to keep the few feeder roots in case the whole fellow might die-back. Possibly given a number of years, these bends in the roots can be slowly raised and exposed to create very interesting visuals(cross fingers).

It was really quite tough even the 4+mm wire couldnt bend the lower part much. So i had to get it to bend in the main direction i wanted and slowly as it stablized into position in near future, i would then do more detailed bends to define the curves. So far it the root system should be recovering quite well as its starting to bud alot after a week of major operation.