Sunday, May 31, 2009

Volcanic Potting Mix

The packaging says:
Volcanic ash
Peat & cocopeat
A bunch of stuffs and the most amazing thing is that it contains trace elements(thats what written on it, can you believe that?)

Anyway i notice there shld be a small amount of sand/pumice and small gravels that resembles indonesian burnt earth. It's one of the medias that i use for my own bonsai "soil" mix. Generally (1part of volcanic pot mix + 2parts indonesian burnt earth) or (1part volcanic pot mix + 1part indonesian burnt earth + 1part river gravels) will give you a pretty well draining mix. It's quite suitable for most shohin sized bonsai. It doesn't retain too much and hold moisture for long, so you'll have to water 1-1.5day intervals, on hot/windy/warm days, best to water thoroughly everyday.